Our Products

Cardboard Boxes

We supply multi-purpose corrugated four-flap design cartons that are flat-packed for convenient storage. These boxes are made from recycled materials (normally 60%-90%) and are one of the most easily recycled materials.

Mailing Bags

Our mailing bags are specifically crafted for efficient postal or courier transport. They boast a lightweight design and are available in a range of material options, along with convenient adhesive strips built-in. Customers also love creating their own unique designs within our branded mailers.

Postal Boxes

You can effortlessly send parcels using our thoughtfully designed letterbox-friendly postal boxes, eliminating the need for meticulous measurements. Additionally, by consistently utilising this packaging style, you can conveniently calculate postage costs in advance with accuracy.

Carrier bags

Carrier Bags

Our extensive collection of carrier bags offers you a wide array of choices in terms of materials, sizes, and designs, ensuring that you can find the perfect fit. Additionally, you can add a special touch with our personalised printing options, going the extra mile to make them uniquely yours.

Bubble Packaging

Discover our protective packaging, including the innovative air-cushioned protective bubble film, along with versatile alternatives like corrugated and paper options. Our bubble products come in various sheet widths and convenient ready-to-use bag formats.

Garment Packaging

Garment packaging is designed to offer an added layer of protection, aesthetic appeal and enhanced safety with perforations and printed warning notices. They also feature a convenient self-adhering peel ‘n seal strip which helps keep the contents in pristine condition during all stages of transportation.

Paper Packaging

Our multi-purpose paper packaging materials are perfect for offices, warehouses, or home needs. From providing exceptional protection for items sent through the post or serving as effective void-fill solutions, our paper packaging materials offer a sustainable and reliable choice.


With our diverse tape offerings, you can confidently meet all your packaging needs with both practicality and style. Our tapes include clear, brown, and paper options, all offered at highly competitive prices. We also offer a variety of pre-printed tapes to add a touch of uniqueness to your packaging.