Our Products

Takeaway Packaging

Our takeaway ranges encompass everything required for restaurants, catering businesses, street food vendors and cafes to provide their customers with suitable food storage and transportation packaging. Our materials include widely recyclable, compostable and biodegradable packaging options.

Bread Bags

Our highly sought-after Bread Bags offer optimal protection against dust, grease, and handling while maintaining perfect visibility of the contents. Not only are they hygienic and food-safe, but they also contribute to a sustainable and responsible packaging choice.

Display Pouches

Display pouches provide an exceptional platform to elegantly present your product, combining durability, food safety, and remarkable cost efficiency. These pouches are a testament to their versatility and reliability, allowing your product to shine while ensuring its protection.

Vacuum Pouches

Experience the utmost convenience, reliability, and culinary excellence with our innovative vacuum pouches, the ultimate choice for storing and cooking a diverse range of foodstuffs. Our versatile selection includes boilable and embossed ranges, perfect for embracing the art of sous-vide cooking.

Carrier Bags

Discover our vast assortment of carrier bags, designed to provide you with an abundance of options in terms of materials, sizes, and designs ideal for carrying all types of food. What’s more, our personalised printing options allow you to go above and beyond to make these bags uniquely yours.

Dolav food liners

Dolav Liners

These premium-grade liners are designed for processing, storing, and transporting the freshest raw materials and ingredients within Dolav containers. These liners help guarantee impeccable hygiene standards, ensuring products are not only safe for processing but also ready for public consumption.

Tray Liners

Our premium food-grade gusseted liners have been designed for use with food trays of various sizes to protect against outside contaminations and are used by leading food and drink manufacturers to help reduce the chances of leakage and contamination.

Food Waste Bags

Crafted from compostable polymers, these bags exemplify our commitment to sustainability. When placed in industrial composting conditions, they undergo complete biodegradation, transforming into naturally-benign materials without leaving any harmful residue behind.

Food Identification

These packaging products help easily identify raw material ingredients. With clear indicators such as vibrant colours or informative text, they effectively minimize the risk of cross-contamination during food processing.

Freezer Safe Packaging

Our specially designed freezer-safe packaging, contain an EVA additive that ensures crack-free performance in frozen conditions. The strong zip seals, ensure air is effectively locked out, providing optimal protection against dreaded freezer-burn.


Our single-use disposable aprons are trusted not only in healthcare settings but also widely embraced by professionals in dentistry, hairdressing and beauty salons, as well as for general food preparation and hygiene work.

Counter Bags

These eco-friendly handy paper counter bags are 100%-recyclable and are ideal for bookshops, newsagents, gift shops and craft stores. They effortlessly serve as functional counter bags and also as attractive gift packaging solutions.