Our Products


These translucent bags offer a reliable solution for the disposal of various items, including used pipettes, Petri dishes, culture plates, membrane filters, and more. With their distinct print design indicating biohazardous materials, these bags ensure proper handling and disposal.

Clinical Waste

Our yellow clinical waste bags are for the disposal of infectious waste containing chemicals or pharmaceutical medicines. They have been specifically designed and tested to stringent standards set by UN, the UK Department of Health, and the NHS.

Resealable Specimen

With their airtight seals, these bags ensure optimal protection, maintaining the integrity of the contents while allowing for easy re-opening when needed. They also feature an integral pocket, providing ample room to securely hold accompanying documents or record cards.

Document Transportation

These versatile bags provide the ideal combination of security and convenience, ensuring that your items remain protected and intact during transit. Whether you need to safeguard important documents, delicate items, or cherished possessions.

Tamper Evident

High-security tamper-evident bags are available for when the contents of each individual bag needs to be identified. The bags each feature their own unique sequential tracking code and a tear-off receipt to provide a full audit trail of bag movement.


Our versatile range of disposable, single-use aprons offer protection when working in close contact with patients, materials, or equipment that may pose a risk of clothing contamination.

Resealable Bags

These bags are an ideal choice for laboratories, hospitals, and chemists, offering a user-friendly solution for various needs. With their easy-to-use resealable feature, you can effortlessly open and close the bags, ensuring the utmost protection and containment of contents.

Peel & Seal Specimen

Peel and permanent seal bags are to provide the utmost protection and integrity for your items during transit, these bags offer a reliable solution for safeguarding important documents.

UN3373 Transportation

We have a selection of flexible envelopes and boxes – pre-printed with the UN3373 diamond logo. These items fully comply with Royal Mail guidelines for prohibited and restricted items. For the safe and secure way of transporting biological substances category B, UN3373 / P650.