Our Products

Poly Sheeting

Heavy-duty polythene sheeting finds extensive application in outdoor settings, serving multiple purposes. Whether it’s safeguarding greenhouses or providing weather protection during construction projects, this durable material proves invaluable.

Woven Sacks

Our Woven sacks combine high strength, lightweight construction, and outstanding tear resistance. These sacks are an absolute packaging gem, especially in the agricultural and construction industries as they serve as the perfect solution for packaging various materials, including delicate and heavy items.

Net Bags

Widely used by supermarkets, greengrocers, farmers, foresters, and fishermen alike. Our net bags, skillfully crafted from various materials, offer an array of advantages including a convenient drawstring closure, These bags exhibit remarkable strength, exceptional product visibility, and a breathable fabric.

Compostable Liners

Our compostable liners offer a reliable and hygienic solution for food waste disposal. By acting as a protective barrier, these liners effectively prevent direct contact between the food waste and the bin. This ensures easy and clean disposal, promoting a more pleasant and sanitary environment.

Dolav Liners

These premium-grade liners are designed for processing, storing, and transporting the freshest raw materials and ingredients within Dolav containers. These liners help guarantee impeccable hygiene standards, ensuring products are not only safe for processing but also ready for public consumption.

Flower Sleeves

Crafted from Forest Stewardship Council-certified paper, our exquisite flower sleeves offer a touch of elegance to any floral arrangement. With the option of clear film or biodegradable film, these sleeves not only protect the flowers but also showcase their beauty.

Paper Sacks

Our premium paper sacks are designed for storing potatoes and other root vegetables, ensuring their freshness and protection during storage. With their sturdy construction these sacks provide the perfect solution for maintaining the quality of your produce while in transit.